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Open House
Sunday May 19, 2024

Free Group Classes, Activities, and Prizes

Come check out our new, boutique gym in Liberty Corner, above the Just Riding Along Bike and Coffee Shop


What you can expect:

  • Food, drink, and fun

  • Tours of the facility

  • Complimentary mini-classes

  • Chance to win a 1 month membership

  • Fitness challenges and prizes


Open House Class Schedule

Experience any, or all, of our mini-classes at our Open House event! Bring your water bottle and your energy... and let our trainers guide you in breaking a sweat!

8am: Strength & Sculpt

Instructor:  Jennifer Baird

45 minutes of a dynamic blend of heart-pumping cardio intervals and muscle-strengthening exercises to torch calories, build endurance, and tone up.

9am: Zumba

Instructor:  KJ Mustica

A 25 min taste of dancing, sweating, and grooving in this high-energy Zumba class! This exhilarating session is a fusion of Latin and international rhythms that will leave you smiling, sweating. and burning some calories!

9:30am: Core Kinetics

Instructor:  KJ Mustica

This 25 min Core Strength class focuses on building a strong, stable center to support your every move, improve posture, and enhance overall functional strength.

10am: Lift and HIIT

Instructor:  Jervie Brown

This 30 min class incorporates strength training exercises with high intensity cardio bursts to build lean muscle mass while torching calories.  Want to improve your metabolism?  This class will help you get there.

11am: Boot Camp

Instructor:  Linda Conrad

25 minutes of an intense, full-body workout will push you to your limits.  This session combines strength training, cardio drills, and functional exercises to maximize results in the ultimate fitness challenge.

11:30am: Abs, Hips, and Thighs

Instructor:  Linda Conrad

Sculpt and strengthen your core, hips, and thighs in this 20 minute, feel-good burn workout.  Exercises are aimed at defining your abs, firming your hips, and shaping your thighs will leave you feeling worked and toned.

12pm: Youth Strength and Conditioning

Instructor:  Jean Celi

Teens and pre-teens, ignite your athletic potential with a 20 min taste of this youth strength and conditioning class! Tailored for athletes, this workout emphasizes core and strength training to improve performance on the field.

12:30pm: Functional Strength

Instructor:  Jean Celi

This 25 minute workout focuses on exercises that mimic real-life movements to improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  Consistent engagement in these classes will help you experience life activities with more energy, strength, and mobility.

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