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Guided Workouts

Our guided workouts offer structured guidance, variety, and efficiency. With on-demand exercise routines curated by our own trainers, you will never have to plan a workout or worry about adjusting your schedule to attend a class. These adaptable workouts cater to all fitness levels, and if you ever have questions about modifications or exercise technique, our trainers will always be available to help. 

Strength Training

Our strength training guided exercises offer a comprehensive full-body workout suitable for all fitness levels. Conveniently located near our free weights section, it’s ideal for a fast and efficient exercise session. Plus, the program evolves weekly, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating experience every time.


Core Training

Our core training guided workout offers a full ab and oblique training session for all levels no matter the experience level. You can perform the exercises individually or as a circuit to improve your core stability and definition. Our core workout also switches every week so you will never run out of fun and challenging exercises. 


HIIT Cardio Training

Our HIIT guided workout provides a whole body challenge to help you break a sweat and burn some calories. If you get bored of the traditional treadmill walk or run, this workout is for you! HIIT cardio offers an engaging experience and builds functional strength while also getting your heart rate up. This workout is also updated every week so you will always have something new and exciting.


Keiser Training

Our Keiser guided workout highlights one of our most exciting pieces of equipment. The Keiser air resistance machine allows for a smooth and seemless feel that will challenge your muscles like never before. Our guided workout provides a full body workout solely using this awesome piece of equipment. The workout is also updated every week so you will always have new exercises to try out. 

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