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Become an Infinitive Member and enjoy...


State of the Art Equipment

Push your performance and achieve your personal best at any fitness level with state of the art equipment, including free weights, functional trainers, cardio and HIIT trainers, plyometric and calisthenic equipment, and some fun fitness training accessories.

Unlimited Classes

Enjoy an unlimited variety of classes including strength, HIIT, core, and dance, to name a few.  Small group sessions allow our dynamic and attentive instructors to help you maximize your exercise technique and get the most from your workout. 

Yoga Class _edited.jpg

Guided Workouts - Anytime

Never worry about planning your workout.  We'll do the thinking for you and provide strength, core, and cardio workouts that you can do on your own time.  Unsure of how to do an exercise?  Visual demos are available on our TV screens, and you'll always have access to one of our expert trainers for any questions.

Expert Trainers

Meet and engage with our expert trainers who are there to help you get the most out of your experience and your workout.  Learn about a new piece of equipment, ask about an exercise, inquire about modifications, sign up for customized training, or just have a friendly chat!  Your fitness goals are our fitness goals... we are here to motivate and inspire, so come say hello!


Body Composition Assessment

Receive a complimentary InBody scan assessment with your membership.  Learn more about your body composition and ways you can help build more lean muscle mass and reduce fat.  Knowledge is power.  Let us help you become your healthiest self.

Motivating Community

Our fitness community thrives on the power of collective motivation and support, creating an environment where every member is inspired to achieve their personal best.    Engage in fitness challenges, have fun in our "specialty" classes, and learn more in our wellness programs.  Our community extends beyond the fitness club.  We will be partnering with other local wellness businesses to bring you more knowledge, more fun, and more resources!

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