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Live to Run

8 or 12 week programs

If you are looking to improve your running performance, prepare for a race, or simply achieve your personal best at your favorite pastime, this program is for you.  All levels are welcome, and the program can be customized to suit your needs.  With regular check-ins and a structured running plan, this program will provide the guidance you need for your specific running goals.

Led by Len Huffman, a UESCA Certified Running Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience, you are in good hands to have all your questions answered and all of your challenges troubleshot.  Len is highly experienced at crewing and pacing runners of all levels.  He is also an Athlete Guide for Achilles International helping people with disabilities pursue their passion for running. Len has raced in over 50 marathons and ultramarathons, including races in excess of 50 miles.  He has raced in over 150 races across a variety of terrains including road, trail and XC.  Notable races include the NY Marathon, Boston Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, Mt. Washington Road Race and Escarpment Trail Race.  He is a current member of the Mountain Peak Fitness/Red Newt Trail Running Team.


Program Options


monthly*: $210

8-weeks: $190/mo

12-weeks: $180/mo

  • Two* 45-min 1:1 coaching sessions including:

    • Initial meeting (discuss goals and objectives; run evaluation, footwear consultation)

    • Pre-race meeting (race prep, strategy planning, nutrition and hydration planning, time goals, race methodology)

  • Written running plan for 8 or 12 week program

  • Written core workout plan for program duration

  • Mobility guidance video

  • Warmup guidance video

  • Once-weekly check-ins

  • Footwear Consultation (done during run eval)

*monthly plan includes 1 coaching session per month


monthly: $1090

8-weeks: $ 1070/mo

12-weeks: $1060/mo


  • 2x per week personal strength training sessions

  • Weekly written training plan customized to adapt to your progress

  • Unlimited open communication with trainer


Price dependent on race length and location

  • Includes RUN PLUS

  • Run Companion

  • Set Pace and Get to the Finish Line

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